Our Portfolios

Alpha Portfolio Management is an award winning portfolio manager. We can provide clients with a personalised bespoke portfolio.

Portfolio Construction

We can construct portfolios using a broad range of asset classes, acknowledging that asset classes perform differently throughout the economic cycle.

Our asset allocated propositions aim to reduce volatility over the long term by maintaining appropriate exposures to key asset classes including UK equities, international equities, commercial property, commodities, alternatives and fixed interest.

Any changes to these portfolios are gradual and forward looking and made when appropriate by drawing on the combined experience of our research and investment team. We are responsive to market trends and do not make asset allocation changes as a result of quarterly meetings.

We can invest in a wide range of asset classes. For monitoring purposes, these are separated into equities, fixed interest, alternatives including property and cash.

Where appropriate, by using third party funds, we gain exposure to high quality institutional fund management and harness the expertise of specialists throughout the world and across asset classes.

Our directly invested portfolios are often only one portion of a client’s overall wealth which may encompass property, cash and collective based portfolios managed outside our remit.

Risk Based Framework

We employ a risk based framework. We work with financial advisers to understand how they want their client portfolios to be managed. Our systems are able to cope with any adviser specific requirements that can include guidance and tolerances around security risk, portfolio risk, asset and geographic allocations and sector positioning. This ensures we select the most suitable opportunities to meet clients risk profiles and investment objectives.

Portfolio Management System

We have a state of the art portfolio management system to allow us to constantly monitor and manage client portfolios in line with their stated objectives and risk profile in a quick and easy manner. Any deviations from stated portfolio constraints are immediately flagged and dealt with.


We are benchmark agnostic and do not peg our performance to any individual index. We are benchmark aware rather than benchmark constrained but as a guide, we believe comparisons against Association of Private Client Investment Managers & Stockbrokers (APCIMS) Indices, Asset Risk Consultants (ARC) Private Client Indices or Investment Management Association (IMA) sectors would be appropriate.


Our discretionary managed service is suitable for individuals, families, companies, trusts and charities. Standard charges are applied across all accounts and consolidated portfolios including ISAs. All charges are disclosed in the relevant Fee Schedule.

We do not apply any performance related fees and no client stock lending takes place.

Performance Recognition

We understand that when recommending an Investment Manager to your clients you want to be confident that they can deliver investment performance within agreed risk parameters. However performance of bespoke portfolios can be difficult to compare as these can be highly specific to individual clients.

At our previous firm, our team undertook a comprehensive client portfolio performance assessment. Data was grouped by similar investment objectives and risk profiles across a rolling three year period covering various investment performance categories. The performance data was independently verified and the outcomes resulted in a series of investment performance awards.

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