Bespoke Portfolio Service

A bespoke service, not just a bespoke portfolio, starting from £100,000.

When a client has specific financial goals in mind and their investments may require a tax efficient way to realise those goals, our bespoke portfolio service can help. Using all our considerable resources, we aim to create an investment portfolio which not only reflects the client’s attitude to risk and their objectives, but is flexible enough to change as their requirements change over time.

Typically we work with financial advisers who provide a risk profile and investment objective together with any restrictions, including identifying any potential tax considerations. A written investment proposal can be produced in preparation of a client meeting provided we are given sufficient notice.

Our sophisticated portfolio management system ensures efficient and effective management of client portfolios in line with their objectives and risk profiles.

In-specie transfers are often received. These holdings can either be actively managed as part of the portfolio or excluded/restricted if cherished, taking into account both portfolio construction and CGT allowances.

Consolidated Tax Certificates are available for both clients and their advisers. A CGT report can also be made available as long as a full transaction history is provided. However, no tax advice is given to clients.

Propositions within our bespoke service range from asset allocated frameworks, incorporating collectives, to specialist direct equity portfolios.  Ethically minded clients and specific portfolio mandates are also welcome.

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