Managed Portfolio Service

A range of cost conscious portfolios based on our core strategies, fitting in neatly with market leading risk profiling systems.

This service offers 8 structured portfolios covering 6 risk based strategies, incorporating 2 income variants.

Collectives Only

Actively managed and designed to be an effective solution to those intending to invest more modest sums and avoid direct investment. This service has the benefit of professional discretionary management with the opportunity to invest on a regular ongoing basis. Portfolios will be constructed on a “whole of market” basis such that they can include quoted investment companies and exchange traded funds.

Initial investments start at £20,000.

Direct Equity & Collective

A dynamic modelled investment solution that combines direct equity investment together with collectives in a risk conscious framework. A fully diversified portfolio of professionally managed UK equities and collectives that is intended to have the benefit of lower total expenses compared to a collectives only solution.

Initial investments start at £50,000 with the opportunity to invest on a regular ongoing basis.

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