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The Great British Investment Opportunity

19 May 2021

Potentially a ‘once in a lifetime’ event The UK stock market is hugely out of favour reflecting a number of factors including Brexit, the economic impact of Covid-19 and its higher exposure to sectors with a more cyclical bias. These have left the index trading near a multi-decade valuation discount when compared to global peers. […]

Alpha Election Special!

19 April 2017

Snap! Theresa May must have been studying recent polling data with the Conservative Party on 42% and the Labour Party on 27%. This fact, together with attempted opposition party meddling in her Brexit negotiation process, has forced her to ‘call their hand’, with a snap general election on June 8th. Sterling has perked up on […]

It’s a new dawn a new day

6 January 2017

We have pleasure in providing you with our investment insights for 2017.

Alpha Bites Special – Episode IV – A New Hope

25 November 2016

The most highly anticipated message from our ‘new’ administration has come and gone.  Was it a statement or a budget? Did it reassure or confuse? Are you feeling over or underwhelmed?

US Election Special

14 November 2016

How have the markets reacted to President Trump?

Open for business and up for sale

19 July 2016

UK Technology Company and FTSE constituent ARM Holdings is being taken over in a record breaking £24bn deal.

The Darling Buds of May

11 July 2016

If a week is a long time in politics I would suggest that the last 24 hours must have felt like an eternity for Andrea Leadsom.

The EU Debate – Doing the hokey cokey?

1 March 2016

The current in/out debate, reminds us of the old song ‘doing the Hokey Cokey’.
In, out, in, out, you shake it all about….

Storm Clouds

15 February 2016

‘Acknowledging the risks but mindful of the opportunities’

We have much to be thankful for

30 October 2015

A review of the last six months and the prospects and outlook for the remainder of 2015

Our approach to lower risk investing

1 April 2015

We have recently received a number of approaches enquiring about the recent moves in the fixed interest market and for our take on things.

Investment Themes for 2015

10 December 2014

Successful investing for 2015

Q1 Market Disappoints – Emerging Concerns

22 April 2014

Events during the quarter focussed investor attention very much on the emerging markets, with a number of these countries seeing some quite profound volatility within their financial markets.

2014 The Start of the Road to Normal

16 January 2014

As 2014 commences it appears that the foundations may now be in place for a more robust global economic backdrop.

2013 It Started with A Cliff

16 January 2014

Many of the challenges present at the start of last year still linger and represent investment hurdles that we need to be conscious of when looking forward today.

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